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Ryniker-Morrison Gallery to host RMC Senior Art Show April 11 - May 4

BILLINGS, Mont., March 29, 2019 – Rocky Mountain College’s Ryniker-Morrison Gallery will host “The Senior Show” by Rocky’s graduating seniors, a collection of works put together by the students as a capstone to their art degree. The opening reception will take place on Thursday, April 11, from 4-6 p.m. in Tech Hall.

Below is a list of the students participating in this year’s show:

Ryann Efinger makes a statement through her works as they are bold and catch the viewer’s attention. She says, “Enamored with tattoo imagery and culture, I wish to branch out into a more bold, illustrative, and creative way of working. Recently I have been offered a tattoo apprenticeship, and would like to continue to study traditional 'flash' and, through my own tattoo designs, find my style.”

Ryn Haaverson finds inspiration in the beauty of nature. Her pieces are inspired by the life within the trees wherever she goes. “Wilderness is my sanctuary. I aim to portray the very spirit of nature and how we choose to connect with it. For some that means visiting National Parks or sliding down winter slopes, for me it always comes back to lakes and forests of Northern Minnesota.”

Kay Oksendahl takes a bold approach in her work, which has an eclectic, darker fantasy style. It has emotion that will speak to a wide-ranging audience. One of her featured paintings is called "Nue" and depicts a cat-like creature with large eyes that shows solidarity and concentration, common themes in her work.

Liana Sinkov creates magic in each of her pieces. The intricacy and attention to detail makes each one delicate but powerful. “At 3 a.m. in the morning, I found myself in a jewelry and metalwork studio, turning a flat sheet of copper into a three-legged witch’s cauldron. This was magic. With fire and a hammer, I could transform a lifeless piece of metal into a bewitched artifact, make it sing and tell a story. Art can have mystical powers.”

Edward Tanzosh focuses on emotion; each painting and illustration reflects his happiness and sense of humor. His definition of art is that we make our own definitions. “Art defines what it means to be human. Humans have this innate drive to create, explore, experiment, or provoke thought or dialogue. Creating is written into our DNA and etched onto the tablets of our hearts. I truly believe that we were created to create.”

Lindsay Tebay loves intricate detail in the beadwork she creates. Each jewelry piece is complex and shows patience and dedication. “The main concept for most of the pieces I make comes from beading community magazines, which are published to inspire and encourage sharing ideas. Like many others in the community, I take these patterns and alter the stitching, type of bead and color of the jewelry pieces, making each one individual to my style.”

The gallery is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, except during College holidays. The exhibition is free to the public.

High resolution images are available on request. Please contact Helen Tolliver, gallery director, at helen.tolliver@rocky.edu.



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